About Us

How much is the membership fee?
£18 per year (Standard membership)

How do I become a member?
Come to a club meeting and speak to either Pat O'Shea, our Membership Secretary, or any of the committee members present.

Where does the club meet?
At The Constitutional Club in Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:30pm.

What if I don't have my own transport?
Contact the leader of the walk or ride. If possible, he or she will introduce you to another person who can share transport.

Please contact the leader of the trip for payment and any other details e.g. transport. It would help the leaders if you would pay for the trip at the club meeting, or before the actual day/weekend, the trip takes place.

Committee meetings
These are held at the Leigh-on-Sea Community Centre, Elm Road, at 7:30pm, on the Monday of the week prior to the club meeting.

Trip Sheets
If you are unable to attend club meetings, we can e-mail you a copy of the trip and social event sheet.

Website                                                                                                                    Please send any suggestions for content, or any photos, to Jackie Jackson-Smith or Pat O'Shea.

For further information, please contact the current president, Sally Meredith 07780387883 / sally.meredith53@gmail.com


Meet The Committee

Admiral - Ron Sverdloff
President - Sally Meredith
Vice president - Stuart Budds
Acting General secretary - Rob Wright
Membership secretary - Pat O'Shea
Treasurer - Susan Alder
Social secretary - JIm Skinner
PR officer - Norman Beswarick

General committee members -

Clifford Churchill